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Conference Date: 16-17 November
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Chile.

Call for papers: 6 July - 31 August 2018 (00:00 GMT-4)

TESOLChile is glad to invite language teachers, researchers, testers and policy makers to its XV Conference. This year, TESOLChile will welcome the newly founded Latin American Association for Language Testing and Assessment (LAALTA) for a joint conference in the area of language assessment. This would be the first of, we hope, many conferences to come for LAALTA.

For this year’s joint conference, TESOLChile and LAALTA welcome proposals on the broad range of topics in the field of language teaching. However, we particularly encourage participants to share knowledge and experiences on language testing and assessment. We also expect educators, scholars, and students to expand their professional networks across Latin America, engage in mentoring on research and other projects, review the latest professional publications and resources, and learn about advocacy efforts in their communities.

Session types

The sessions will follow a similar format to that of the TESOL International convention. TESOLChile and LAALTA invite proposals for the presentation types listed below:

Presentations: 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion. 1–3 Presenters

Presenters share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives gleaned from their research, or policy background and/or focus. These sessions provide the audience with ample opportunities for participation and engagement, and they serve as springboards stimulating further discussion, dialogue, reflection, and action. Ongoing unfinished research projects are welcome to present under this type of session, provided they have some initial results to share with the audience.

Poster sessions: 1 hour session. 1–3 Presenters

A summary of an academically sound, scholarly or creative project presented in a visually engaging format, highlighting work through charts, graphs, maps, etc. Proposals should include the main topic(s) and description of the visual display. Presenter(s) should plan on short, informative discussions with convention attendees throughout the entire poster session. No audio-visual equipment will be available for poster sessions.

Teaching Tip: 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion. 1–3 Presenters

Oral summary of presenter’s work in relation to practice. Proposals should include a synopsis of the techniques, including brief description of the teaching tip. Make direct reference to the learning objective(s) and teaching context(s) that your teaching tip applies to.

Proposal submission

Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words, with a title of no more than 15 words.

We want to welcome the entire Latin American language assessment community which includes scholars who work with languages other than English. For that reason, abstracts on language assessment can be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. However, presentations should be delivered in either Spanish or English due to the audience of the conference.